Aims & Scope

Experimental Hematology publishes new findings, methodologies, reviews and perspectives in all areas of hematology and immune cell formation on a monthly basis that may include Special Issues on particular topics of current interest. The overall goal is to report new insights into how normal blood cells are produced, how their production is normally regulated, mechanisms that contribute to hematological diseases and new approaches to their treatment. Specific topics may include relevant developmental and aging processes, stem cell biology, analyses of intrinsic and extrinsic regulatory mechanisms, in vitro behavior of primary cells, clonal tracking, molecular and omics analyses, metabolism, epigenetics, bioengineering approaches, studies in model organisms, novel clinical observations, transplantation biology and new therapeutic avenues.

Experimental HematologyExperimental Hematology publishes 2 types of articles: (1) Reviews and Perspectives (4,000 words), and (2) original findings sub-classified either as Brief Communications of significant singular results (1,500 words), and longer Research Articles presenting the results of more developed studies(4,000 words).

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