August 2014 – Genomics and Model Organisms: New Horizons for Experimental Hematology

Guest Editors:
Bertie Gottgens, Cambridge University
David Traver, University of California, San Diego

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This special issue brings together two exciting research topics of growing importance to our field – Genomics and Model Organisms. Recent breakthroughs in high-throughput sequencing technology are rapidly making genome-scale experimentation accessible to mainstream laboratories engaged in hematology research.

Major advances have already been made both in basic and translational research, ranging from genome-wide descriptions of chromatin and expression states to complete catalogues of acquired mutations in several types of leukemia. At the same time recent studies have demonstrated that the molecular and cellular nature of developmental hematopoiesis is highly conserved across vertebrate phyla. Thus the ability to carry out experimental hematology research across a range of model organisms is transforming how we can investigate gene function at the molecular and cellular levels.

This combined series of reviews will highlight recent advances across the wide range of model organisms and genome-scale approaches with a particular emphasis on strategies that are showing promise for extracting new biological insights relevant to normal hematopoiesis and disease.